A random collection of project artifacts I have produced.

Context Diagram

One of the first diagrams created in a new enterprise project, this diagram summarizes a business by showing its major entities and the interactions between them. Extremely useful for bringing new team members up to speed.

Swim Lanes

Illustrates changes in responsibility and control as work moves across departmental or organization boundaries. You highfalutin types call it a Cross-departmental Flowchart.

Process Flowchart

One of the most common and most useful ways of illustrating how a process works.

Physical Interactions

Close to real-world movement, these diagrams not only aid understanding but the process of drawing them helps identify gaps in thinking that are hidden in more abstract diagrams.

Function List by Role

One of the simplest ways to express a system’s feature is a document that outlines the features needed. We do this by role (persona) so we don’t make assumptions about who can do what. From the role analysis comes our basic security model.

Data Model

A logical data model attempts to describe the real world facts of a system using entities, attributes, and relationships.

Screen Mock-Up

Relatively cheap to produce, mock-ups like this save time and money by allowing customers to give feedback on a design before it is coded.