Any minute now, the FDA will announce that air is bad for you. It could be fatal, in fact. What we know for sure is that the mortality rate among humans is 100%. Something is going to kill you.

Part of being a life-long learner is that we keep an open mind and process new information as best we can. Aspartame was the great answer to the pink carcinogens until the long-term studies came in. I don’t remember what they said [sic] but I think it was bad.

Then Splenda, the yellow wonder, took over as the new sweetness — except that 30% of it is unaccounted for in your body and it messes with the good bacteria in your GI tract.

Now there is Stevia, Truvia and others that claim to be the natural alternative.

Don’t follow fads. Do your homework and follow the facts you uncover. Eggs won’t stop your heart and having a doughnut now and then won’t make you a blimp.

Design your nutrition. Think about why you eat what you eat and where everybody gets their ideas of what is healthy. Avoid fat doctors and rich nutritionists.

Whatever you do… don’t worry yourself to death about it. Worry kills faster than poor nutrition.

P.S. Twizzlers should be their own food group.

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