Complexity is the Enemy

The enemy in software projects is Complexity and the beast wields a wicked mace called Change.

Our goal is Confidence — in the future happiness of our customers, in successful test results, in modular code (yes, I am going backwards through the SDLC), in the stability of the requirements, and in the surety that our delivered work will serve its desired purpose.

Our most effective weapon in this fight is… Clarity.

There are many approaches to delivering software. Some claim to move faster than others. Some claim to be more thorough and less prone to rework. Regardless of the methodology chosen, the team must achieve and maintain Confidence about what they are building, how it will be assembled, tested, deployed, trained, and updated.

When there is confusion, confidence falls apart. Complex projects stall. Morale implodes. Churn follows.

As a Business Analyst, my mission is to provide a clear, prioritized set of requirements that communicates to many audiences: Stakeholders, Designers, Developers, Testers, and Technical Writers.

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