They deserve to go through hell before getting to date your daughter. Don’t deprive them of this right of passage.

Talk to them about:

  • Loss (of the budding friendship they value today)
  • Love (which has nothing to do with what they see from Hollywood)
  • Leadership (they were born male – deal with it)

Don’t forget to give him the envelope – the one that explains *exactly* how you’ll kill him and dispose of the body if he ever hurts your Princess.


The life-long love of two people for each other is a gift from God. To the degree that they are like Him, they will love each other sacrificially and continue to grow in their ability to love. This love extends outward – first to each other, then their children, then to other family members, friends, and the world at large.

After love for God Himself, a spouse should be completely sold out — “all in” as they say — toward the well-being of their life partner. See Love.