Worry is the imagination gone wrong. It’s the opposite of what you should be doing with your incredible mind. Envision a bright future – something to look forward to. If you do that, your chances of being happy are much improved.

Remember the words of Mark Twain: “I’ve seen a heap of trouble in my day, and most of it never came to pass.”


We use words to convey our ideas to the world around us. Don’t waste them by blathering on about nothing. Marshal words effectively to have power. Learn just one new word a week all your life – and you will have a brilliant vocabulary.

That said, never talk down to people or intentionally talk over their head. If the person you’re talking to didn’t understand you, you’ve wasted your time and theirs. That’s not communication — just audio output.


Learning to prioritize is one of the pillars of discipline and a great boon to personal effectiveness. Make lists. Review them. Do the important things that you can do and let the rest filter to the bottom.

“Do first things first and second things never.” ~ Charles “Red” Scott