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Worry is the imagination gone wrong. It’s the opposite of what you should be doing with your incredible mind. Envision a bright future – something to look forward to. If you do that, your chances of being happy are much improved.

Remember the words of Mark Twain: “I’ve seen a heap of trouble in my day, and most of it never came to pass.”


We use words to convey our ideas to the world around us. Don’t waste them by blathering on about nothing. Marshal words effectively to have power. Learn just one new word a week all your life – and you will have a brilliant vocabulary.

That said, never talk down to people or intentionally talk over their head. If the person you’re talking to didn’t understand you, you’ve wasted your time and theirs. That’s not communication — just audio output.


Learning to prioritize is one of the pillars of discipline and a great boon to personal effectiveness. Make lists. Review them. Do the important things that you can do and let the rest filter to the bottom.

“Do first things first and second things never.” ~ Charles “Red” Scott


Review now and then to see what you learned, then let it go and look forward.

If you have trouble letting go of the past, find a friend with some beer and a hacksaw. It’s much easier to see impediments in the lives of others.


Laugh first at yourself. You really are funny, when you pause to consider it. If you can laugh at yourself, your company will always be welcome.

Be careful not to use your intelligence (from which humor comes) to deride others. Your Maker will hold you accountable for every wound inflicted, whether physical or emotional.


Be prudent and plan for it, but don’t obsess. There’s no guarantee that you’ll have one.
Don’t overlook the joys of the present by fixing all your attention on the future.


Reading opens up the world. It expands the mind. It prevents wasted time by learning from others. Read often. Read widely. Read for learning but also for pleasure. These two can be the same thing. Don’t read work-related books on vacation. Get lost in a novel to the point that your family has to yell to get your attention.


Any minute now, the FDA will announce that air is bad for you. It could be fatal, in fact. What we know for sure is that the mortality rate among humans is 100%. Something is going to kill you.

Part of being a life-long learner is that we keep an open mind and process new information as best we can. Aspartame was the great answer to the pink carcinogens until the long-term studies came in. I don’t remember what they said [sic] but I think it was bad.

Then Splenda, the yellow wonder, took over as the new sweetness — except that 30% of it is unaccounted for in your body and it messes with the good bacteria in your GI tract.

Now there is Stevia, Truvia and others that claim to be the natural alternative.

Don’t follow fads. Do your homework and follow the facts you uncover. Eggs won’t stop your heart and having a doughnut now and then won’t make you a blimp.

Design your nutrition. Think about why you eat what you eat and where everybody gets their ideas of what is healthy. Avoid fat doctors and rich nutritionists.

Whatever you do… don’t worry yourself to death about it. Worry kills faster than poor nutrition.

P.S. Twizzlers should be their own food group.


Wherever you are – be all there. ~ Jim Elliot

This is true whether you are playing tennis or talking to a friend.
Don’t water down your personal presence by letting your mind go somewhere else.


Live there if you can. Country folk look after each other. People in the city are too busy. In the city, a flat tire can get you killed. In the country, you make a new friend or you just have a nice walk in down the road.